Radio Ghaznawyan

Ghaznavian network includes radio, television, radio Rana and cultural and literary institution, which with many years of expertise in Ghazni province as a top media in the state. Ghaznavian Audio Media premiered in 2005 and its own video press was launched in 2009. The community is pleased to have recently opened its own Literary and Cultural Association to become nearer to the individuals of their community. Ghaznavian Radio and Television Network is an independent and free media which has had various applications since its institution to be able to reinforce culture, freedom of expression and remove social violence.

Ghaznavian Radio and Television Network has prepared and broadcasted lots of social and popular programs where the function of childhood, social and cultural activists, men and women has been notable. Like: Star Education applications, what's going on in the town, my state, your view, news analysis, Dulles Ghoushtani Oud Korni, girls in society, the planet of kids and many roundtable apps on freedom of expression, women's and children's rights and bringing the country closer to the authorities.

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